Naples Maine Biomass Conversion Plant

Naples Maine Biofuel

Cool Smart Planet in partnership with Framing Our Community will build a 200 ton per day biofuel plant in Naples, ME:

  1. 35 acre site - commercially zoned.
  2. Land owner is Q-Team Tree Service, which has been operation since 1985.
  3. Phase 1 environmental study needs to be done.
  4. Site will later be built out to include a larger biofuel plant, as well as greenhouses, which will convert waste heat and gases into fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.
  5. The resulting bio-oil will be sold to major US petroleum refiners who need the bio-oil to satisfy the EPA’s renewable fuel standards.
  6. Framing Our Community and its partners have access to a variety of private capital, venture capital, debt financing and Federal and state loan guarantees and grants.

Map Naples Maine

Naples Facts and Figures

  • Population: 3872
  • Land area: 37.25 sq. mile
  • Persons per sq. mile: 103
  • Poverty rate: 16.1%

Estimated Infrastructure Cost

  • Biofuel Plant: $30 Million

Estimated Job Creation

  • Construction phase: 100 jobs
  • Operations Phase: 40 jobs

The Town Of Naples

  • Incorporated in 1834.
  • On US Route 302.
  • 20 miles to US Route 95; 30 miles to Portland, ME.
  • Local and State Governments business and environment-friendly.
  • Located near ample supplies of waste wood feedstock.
  • Motivated, experienced workforce.